5 Easy Steps

Our top priority is making sure it’s easy for you to get a baseline understanding of your clients’ communication skills – specifically, how well they speak. Taking a SpeakPulse assessment, and getting the results takes no more than two minutes. Here’s how it works:

Why Us?

SpeakPulse developed its proprietary speech analytics software in partnership with a Speech Pathology department at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our software serves corporate training, interview coaching, and skills assessment companies – not as a comprehensive solution, but as a complimentary tool used to gain an additional data point. We fit into your process – not the other way around.

The SpeakPulse assessments helps identify your clients’ strong and weak points of their speech delivery. Having this data, you can help them build on their strengths, and improve on weaknesses (e.g. binary interjections). At the end of the day, our clients realize a noticeable difference, articulating themselves better and sounding more coherent.

Who Benefits From SpeakPulse?